Jugend hackt

Jugend hackt is a program designed to support young coders. While such competitions as ‘Jugend musiziert’ (Music) and ‘Jugend forscht’ (Science) have been established in Germany for decades, there are few intiatives directed towards young talent in the field of software development. To fill this gap, Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V., together with the media education agency, Mediale Pfade, organized the first Jugend hackt event in 2013. Since then, it has become a successful and well-established hackathon for young coders from all over Germany. Together with like-minded peers, participants use open data to work on prototypes, digital tools, and concepts in order to contribute to their vision of a better society. Volunteer mentors with technical expertise guide them through this process. Jugend hackt aims to empower young coders with technical skills and to familiarize them with the creative and political contexts in which these skills can be applied. “Improving the world, code by code’, that is Jugend hackt’s message.

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Maria Reimer
Tanja Zagel
Paula Grünwald (geb. Glaser)
Lea Schubert