EITI was launched in 2003 and today represents a global movement towards greater financial transparency and accountability in the natural resource sector. EITI is supported worldwide by a growing network of governments, companies and non-governmental organisations.

Facts and Figures:

  • 51 countries are currently implementing the EITI, 31 of which are confirmed to have met all EITI requirements, whilst the remaining 18 hold candidate status;
  • 45 countries have published EITI Reports. Thus a total of over 1.85 trillion USD in government revenues from the oil, gas and mining sectors, covering 305 fiscal years, have been disclosed, predominantly in developing and emerging nations;
  • A total of 346 persons work in the various EITI national contact offices, promoting the EITI Standard on a daily basis;
  • The 49 national EITI coalitions, together with the EITI international board members, employ a total of 1,005 persons;
  • A growing number of industrialised nations are participating in the EITI: Germany has been a candidate since February 2016, Great Britain since October 2014, the USA since March 2014; Norway has been a member since 2011; a number of other countries have announced an intention to implement the EITI, including the Netherlands, France and Italy;
  • More than 90 natural resource companies officially support the EITI;
  • More than 90 institutional investors, which manage funds amounting to over 19 trillion USD, officially support the EITI;
  • More than 400 non-governmental organisations (NGO) are involved with the EITI, both on a local and international level.

More detailed information on EITI targets, requirements and the implementation process in fellow EITI countries can be found at www.eiti.org

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